More Testimonials

July 22, 2012

Lori Schulte of Interior Ideas and Renovations, LLC

We have been owners at Manor Vail since 1984 and currently own three condominium units there.  In the Spring of 2012 we engaged Lori Schulte of Interior Ideas and Renovations, LLC to do extensive remodels of two of our units, unit 339, a two-bedroom three-bath Manor House, and unit 261, a one-bedroom one-bath studio unit.  The work in both units was started on April 17, 2012 and was completed by June 29, 2012.  The following are our observations and comments on the remodeling projects and Lori’s work.

  1. We are very pleased with the quality of the remodels and the end products.  As a more objective measure, unit 261 moved from an LQA rating of 90% to 96%, and unit 339 moved from an LQA rating of 88% to 96%.
  2. Lori provided us with a detailed scope of work and cost estimates at the beginning of the projects.  She met those cost estimates, with the only variances being for change orders for additions and deletions from the original cost estimates that we initiated and approved.
  3. She completed the projects within the very tight 11-week construction window imposed by Manor Vail in order to minimize disturbance and inconvenience to other Manor Vail owners and rental guests.
  4. Lori is both an interior designer and a general contractor with her own construction crews who oversaw all aspects of the projects from design, permitting, procurement of materials, construction, and construction management, through final punch lists.  She was present on the job site most days and was available for owner consultation on a daily basis.  She has competent and experienced subcontractors and work crews who were flexible in terms of working with the owners.
  5. As a designer, Lori is experienced and has lots of good ideas to propose.  Just as importantly, she is very flexible in her design ideas and seeks the input and ideas of the owners.  She recognizes her role as a designer is to meet the desires and expectations of the owners, even if their ideas differ from hers, and to deliver to them the end product that they desire.
  6. On a personal basis, Lori is very personable, articulate, gregarious and an easy person with whom to work.  She communicates well and in a timely fashion, and is responsive to owners.
  7. One of our major criteria in selecting a designer and contractor was to avoid any major surprises during the course of the project.  While the old buildings at Manor Vail delivered a few minor surprises during demolition, Lori managed those surprises and did not deliver any of her own.
  8. The bottom line is that we would certainly engage Lori in the future to do any major remodeling projects at Manor Vail or elsewhere.
  9. Any Manor Vail owners who are considering engaging Lori to do a major remodel of their unit would be welcome to look at the work she did in our two units any time that the units are not occupied, and to feel free to call us with any questions.

-Desmond & Jean Kearns, Owners Units 261 & 339